“The Web” by Justin Yeung


No one can get out of this
There were many before me
No matter a her or him
There’s nothing that sets them free

You can run but you can’t hide
Turn to your Gods, old and new
Why be afraid, my dearest?
It hurts a bit, the first time

I closed my eyes to beseech
The mercy I cannot reach
“An eye for an eye,” He said
Regrets and pity that bled

They all fall for the same trick
He thinks he is in control
She believes one slick could cure
me of my instincts, alas!

I did not see their remains
but the venom was so strong
that paralyzed my skin to veins
“More, more!” I want to be gone

I am not heartless at all
They enjoy and beg for more
Motto: Die happy, live free
All of them will crave me

The painful penetration
the sinful stimulation
I soared up, toward the sky
Over the mountains and seas

“More, more!” he beseeches me
I make him a comfy womb
tightening up until he
bleeds from all the excitement

Dear God, Santa Maria,
Guardians up the heavens
Give me the power I long
To face my sins and judgement

Hopes were down and risk was high
Leaving this world without a sigh
Everything turned black and white
Out of the blue, came the knight

With yellow and joyful beak
It snatched the predator, gone
His feather caressed my cheeks
cleansed the darkness from within

Do you think they will give up?
Childish and naïve you are
Brothers, sisters, cousins, friends
Stuck on the web, that’s the end


Justin.jpgYeung Kwan Nok Justin is an agitated English & Education student passionate about writing for teaching and expression.

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