a place of assembly (Greek); now (Portuguese)
This is the virtual space where students and teaching staff from the Department of English of Hong Kong Baptist University congregate to discuss & share all things intellectual, reflective, creative and personal.

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  • CREATIVE: On this blog, students and teaching staff showcase their creative works including photography, poetry, stories, and creative non-fiction.
  • DIARIES: Here, students and teaching staff share their personal experiences of life in Hong Kong and elsewhere. The blog reflects the many ways we engage with the academic world and beyond.
  • RESEARCH: On this blog, students and teaching staff record their research discoveries and progress, as well as the joys, plights, ups and downs of their work.
  • REVIEWS: This blog provides students and teaching staff with a forum to review the seminars (e.g. departmental seminars), lectures, talks, conferences, films, theatrical productions, books, exhibitions, etc. that have inspired, provoked, or moved them.
    // Pride of Place (2018)
    // Pet Sounds (2017)
    // Headspace (2016)
    // Ongoing Moment (2015)
    // Interrogative Mood (2014)