Announcement: New Lecture Series “Recomposing the Self”

A new exciting Speakers’ Series organised by the “Creativity, Self and Society” research group of the Faculty of Arts (香港浸會大學文學院 “創意,個人和社會” 研究組舉辦 Zoom 傑出講者系列) will consist of four Zoom talks, open to all, starting in March through June, featuring the following outstanding speakers:

  1. New style pop star Serrini, Thursday 18 March 2021 (4-5:15pm), “Compose a Self While You May” (in Cantonese). Moderated by Dr Tammy Lai-Ming Ho.
  2. Ethnic minority community leader Jeffrey Andrews, Thursday 22 April 2021 (4-5:15pm), “Unity in Diversity” (in English & Cantonese). Moderated by Dr Tammy Lai-Ming Ho.
  3. Theatre performer and trainer Kiki Ng, Friday 14 May 2021 (4-5:15pm), “The Key to Becoming a Slashie 成為SLASH 的一把鑰匙” (in Cantonese). Moderated by Prof. Hon-Lun Helan Yang.
  4. Professors of music and language Benjamin Koen x Lian-hee Wee: A Dialogue, Friday 18 June 2021 (4-5:15pm), “Spinning Outwards to a Larger We” (in English). Moderated by Dr Benedict Rowlette

They are extraordinary individuals who have each learned to, sometimes forced to, transform themselves because of the unique life experiences they have had. Their stories are uplifting, and we believe in the current social climate, school students would benefit from hearing their unique and inspiring stories. 

Registration is free. For more information about the series, and how to register, please see the brochure

For inquiry, please contact Ms. Fiona Lu:

(Monday 1 March 2021)

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