Announcement: “In the Midst of Fire”

Concept: Paulina Yi-Yan Lee (ENG Alumna, 2015)
Performance: Jack Strömberg and Paulina Yi-Yan Lee
Filming: Jack Strömberg, Misael Tonars and Paulina Yi-Yan Lee
Video Editing: Gavin Long-Chung Law and Stephanie Hoi-Ling Keung
Music: Jack Strömberg

English Description
by Gavin Long-Chung Law

“In the Midst of Fire” is an introspective exploration on how nature’s dichotomies – fire and snow – can coexist in juxtaposition and if these two fundamental elements may (or may not) spark transformation in the human condition. Exposed to these extremes, the performers utilize abstraction and curiosity to research concepts of resolution and rebirth. We invite viewers to bring their personal experiences into these perhaps foreign landscapes by witnessing the performers’ stillness and movement with these elements. Ask yourself – does the fire or snow trigger any specific memories? What sensations would you feel if you were suddenly transported to these environments?

Chinese Description
by Paulina Yi-Yan Lee

“In the Midst of Fire” 是一個有關二元關係的內省和反思。在過程當中,我們以兩種對比的元素(火和雪)作為出發點,去探究兩極化關係的不穩定性,以及我們慣常思考模式的盲點:忽略兩極中間的幅度(spectrum)和其複雜性。



Paulina Yi-Yan Lee and Jack Strömberg are currently studying at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. Paulina obtained her MA in Literary and Cultural Studies in the University of Hong Kong in 2016. She was graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015, where she obtained her scholastic award and first class honour in BA in English Language and Literature. Jack has been a performer (circus and dance) since 2013 and has studied in the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance.



(Tuesday 2 March 2021)

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