“Our Stories @ ENG”

Department of English Language and Literature (Friday 31 May 2019)
Every year since 2014, Agora, the blog of the Department of English Language and Literature at HKBU, has run a summer series inviting teaching staff and students (former, current, all levels) from the department to contribute their writing. Past topics included “Pride of Place” (2018), “Pet Sounds” (2017), “Headspace” (2016), “Ongoing Moment” (2015) and “Interrogative Mood” (2014).
To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the ENG Department, we invite students and teachers, past and present, to send us your fond memories of being part of the department. You can tell us your recollection of a particular incident, event, course, teacher, colleague, student or fellow student, etc. If possible at all, please include a photograph or more.
Together, let’s build a monumental archive of “Our Stories @ ENG”. Please send your memories to Tammy Lai-Ming Ho (tammyh@hkbu.edu.hk) for inclusion in the series.

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