“Sylvia and Chester, I’m in” by Nicole Lai

Curious Cat.jpg

I want to follow you two
But I’m not so sure
Is this my cure?
I will make no cry
So no one would ask why

Read Sylvia’s
Listen to Chester’s

Then you can feel
How much we wanted to heal
And how much we wanted to kill

My heart aches
Or suffocates
I don’t know.

Drowning myself in this dead water
Too deep.
……………………………………………Too vast.
I was a lifeguard but I no longer know
How to swim alone and escape fast.

Sylvia and Chester might know my phobia
A Phobia
No one can stop it from growing each day
And I don’t know how it became

My Master
In this game

I’m not chained
But I’m trained
To be numbed

I know I’m blessed and loved
But I am also unbelievably depressed

Well, I don’t like this game.

                                                  Let me sleep.


Nicole LaiNicole Lai believes in the power of poetry and especially Sylvia Plath’s. As a Hongkonger, writing poems is her escape when nobody hears her. Her poetry is forthcoming in Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine. She is currently studying for an MA in literature at Hong Kong Baptist University.

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