Announcement: Ivan Delazari wins Best Graduate Student Essay competition held by the International Society for the Study of Narrative


Returning to Hong Kong after his June tour of two public lectures in St. Petersburg and international conference appearances in Helsinki and Amsterdam, Ivan Delazari submitted his essay, “Diegetic Music: Who Is Listening, and What Is Heard?”, to the Best Graduate Student Essay competition held by the International Society for the Study of Narrative (ISSN) as a follow-up to the annual Narrative Conference. In August, Ivan heard back from ISSN Secretary Prof. James Phelan, of Ohio State University, who informed him that the selection committee, Prof. Rita Charon (Columbia University) and Prof. Luc Herman (University of Antwerp), had chosen his essay as the winner of the 2016 prize. On top of getting a Perkins Prize book of his choice and a monetary reimbursement of his trip to the next Narrative Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, in March 2017, Ivan has been invited to submit an extended version of the essay to Narrative, the journal of narrative theory published by The Ohio State University Press.

Ivan Delazari is currently a PhD Fellow at the Department of English Language and Literature. His most recent publication is “Voicing the Split Narrator: Readers’ Chores in Toni Morrison’s ‘Recitatif’”, in a volume of DeGruyter’s Narratologia series, Audionarratology: Interfaces of Sound and Narrative, edited by Jarmila Mildorf and Till Kinzel (2016).

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