Announcement: Stuart Christie appointed Editor-in-Chief of Literature Compass


Stuart Christie, Head and Professor of the Department of English Language and Literature, was recently appointed by international publisher John Wiley & Sons as Editor-in-Chief for its international academic journal Literature Compass.

Stuart is pleased with the appointment, he said: “I’m very grateful for the opportunity a reputable publisher like Wiley has given me to help rebrand Literature Compass as it seeks to more proactively engage the best literary scholarship, written in English, from China and elsewhere in Asia. The publisher appreciates, I think, that such a ‘pivot’ toward Asia is both necessary and overdue as it seeks to complement a strong existing base in Europe and North America with a more truly global reach, with Asia being a great (and expanding) market for the circulation of literary ideas. Based here in the English department at HKBU, I am very excited to help contribute to this process.”

Literature Compass publishes peer-reviewed articles on research and current thinking from across the entire discipline and provides a critical platform for the scholar and an ideal entry point for the non-specialist.

(Via. June 2016)

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