Ongoing Moments: Christopher Chan

Ongoing Moments: A series in which teaching staff and students from the English Department respond to a photograph of their choice. [Read all entries.] [Revisit the “Interrogative” series.]
It is widely asserted that the Sun, with its all-dominating power, has received innumerable, worship-like appreciations throughout the history of men. In ancient China, or at least in Chinese literature, for instance, the Sun was a symbol of the emperor who exercised the highest form of political power in the country. In the West, the Sun has been spoken of as possessing ‘reverend and strong’ beams, and been associated with greatness, fairness and wonderfulness, to name only a few.
I wonder why, as it hangs against so vast a sky, few people have discovered, or at least spoken of, its solitary existence. The higher the Sun shines over the Earth, the lonelier it is in its journey round a hill. And so we are as humans. The desire to form a society, to live in aggregation, very well demonstrates the fact that we are originally and ultimately alone. Every one of us enters and exits the world’s stage unaccompanied. No one can escape the chase of Hades and his Cerberus and the abode of the dead, soon after he or she is brought into this world.
This picture taken near Nam Sang Wai, nevertheless, is nothing but beautiful. And as far as I know, a thing of beauty is a joy FOREVER.


ChristopherChristopher Chan is an MALCS (MA in Literary and Comparative Studies) student (2014-2015) at the Department of English. He puts his faith in the mysterious and yet mighty power of literature.

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  1. andysmerdon says:

    A thing of beauty indeed 🙂

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