“Are The Yellow Ribbons ‘We’?” by Nicola Chan Oi Ching


We are nonconformists who conform
to wear the yellow ribbon
in the heart of hearts singing
“Umbrella Revolution”

We create a utopia-to-be.
No screenings or selections.
No appointed positions.
No age differentiation.
No gender discrimination.

We learn to unlearn to relearn words
like “policemen”, “umbrella”, “democracy”
Denotations and connotations
shifting in time with history.
Since when to attack is to protect?
Since when to protect is to attack?

What is the meaning of “universal suffrage”
When we ask for “true universal suffrage”?
How can we call for democracy
When we reject undemocratic- ally?
How can we justify our votes
When we deny our enemies’ figures?

Are the yellow ribbons “we”,
Are the yellow ribbons ever “we”
when some of “we” claim “no one can represent ‘me’ ”?


NicolaNicola Chan Oi Ching is a BA graduate in Stylistics and Comparative Literature (Class of 2015). [Click here to read all entries by Nicola.]

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