Announcement: Lian-Hee Wee and the Musica in Villam: Online Guqin Concert 2020

Back in the late 1980s, Lian-Hee Wee read about the Qin (aka Guqin) and was shocked to learn that this utmost important instrument to the traditional Chinese literati was (and remains) largely unknown to the ethnic Chinese community.

In 2000, while in the USA, he received a newspaper cutting that motivated him to fly to Hong Kong so that he could meet Choi Chang Sau, a renown Qin maker, and Professor Lau Chor Wah, an accomplished Qin player. It would be more than a decade later before both accepted him as a disciple, having ascertained that his was not a temporary passion. 

For this free online concert Musica in Villam: Online Guqin Concert 2020 (農圃雅集:古琴線上音樂會 2020), which will take place on Saturday 28 November 2020 (3:00-5:00 p.m.), Lian-Hee will play a rather short piece, “Mooring on an Autumn River”, which describes a night scene that reminds him of his casual strolls along the Singapore river when music playing inside his head would mute out the activities along the lively river banks.

The concert is co-organised by the Centre for Chinese Cultural Heritage, Hong Kong Baptist University, and New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies. More information can be found here. Enquiry: 3411 5124 /


First Half

-Qin and Flute:Prelude to a Serene Night(Qin: ST Sou,Flute: SS Chung)
-Qin Solo:Mooring on an Autumn River(Qin: LH Wee)
-Qin Solo:Wild Geese Landing on the Plains(Qin: HS Lee)

Second Half

-Qin Songs:Pale Yellow Willow(Qin: CW Lau,Vocal: CM Chan)
-Qin Songs:Autumnal Thoughts(Qin: CW Lau,Vocal: CM Chan)
-Qin Solo:The Northern Wilderness(Qin: SS Chung)
-Qin Solo:Dialogue of the Fisherman and the Woodcutter(Qin: ST Sou)
-Qin Solo:Rhythm of the Soaring Dragon(Qin: CW Lau)

(Sunday 15 November 2020)

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