Alumni News: The Release of Ordinary People (2015)



Ordinary People (2015) is Chantaiman‘s debut album which draws influences from nineties Britpop and post-punk. In Chantaiman’s words, the album is ‘a celebration of reality and dreams, of lust and love, of fear and courage, of defeat and victory. This album is our gift to all the ordinary people.’

Ordinary People was recorded, mixed, and produced entirely by the group at their own studio, Ambient Gazebo. It was released under IMAGINE IMAGINE IMAGINE Records and can be found in several music outlets around the world, including HMV (Hong Kong), Tower Records (Shibuya, Japan), Rough Trade (London, UK), as well as all digital platforms. Check out the music video for “Headshot” (below), featuring montage shots of Hong Kong by Taiwanese videographer 薛文勝.

The singer of the Britpop outfit Chantaiman is Michael Cheuk, who is an alumnus of the Department of English. His undergraduate Honours Project on 9/11 literature and MPhil thesis on Toni Morrison were completed under the supervision of Dr Jason S Polley. Michael is currently based in London, pursuing his PhD at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

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