“A Cantonese Curse / against the Fur Industry / in Hong Kong English” by Lian-Hee Wee


Nico said, ‘ Poor guy!’
Cheese in buns chart low sea fart.
Mob pays the young Czar. 


Zombies on the road.
Shorted rectums, useless dongs.
The dregs who flay kids.


The haiku is to be read in Hong Kong English (with her special syllable structures) to reveal the Cantonese curse (translated). Thanks to Jason S Polley for his suggestion to write three haikus instead of one and for his help in the translations.

                  Recent years have seen many people wearing fur, or buying items with fur trimmings. Many buyers are ignorant because they think that which is cheap isn’t fur. The fur trimmings came from dogs, raccoons, cats, rabbits. Cruelty and ghastliness beyond words. Most buyers are animal lovers but they are just ignorant of the irony of their purchases.

An example of dog fur common in Hong Kong and everywhere. It’s very cheap, and often customers are told it is fake. Most are real, and very cruelly obtained.



Lian-HeeLian-Hee Wee is Associate Professor at the Department of English Language and Literature. [Click here to read all entries by or about Lian-Hee.]

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