Alumni News: Viggo Cheng

VCViggo Cheng (鄭浩輝), BA, English (Class of 2012)/MA, Language Studies (Class of 2014) has been awarded a postgraduate student assistantship to pursue PhD studies in Sociolinguistics at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Renewable for up to five years, the assistantship (covering tuition and health insurance) will allow Viggo to pursue research in his areas of specialization including discourse analysis, intercultural communication, and identity construction. His previous research and publications have addressed issues such as the discourse of prejudice among university students and narratives of empowerment among foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong. Among various aspects of language and communication, Viggo is particularly interested in the discovery of stories hidden in everyday discourse, where even the simplest of utterances can sometimes convey more than the sum of its words.

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