Announcement: Ruth Hung Appointed Advisory Editor of boundary 2

Ruth HungDr Ruth YY Hung (洪如蕊) has been appointed advisory editor of the boundary2 editorial collective based at the University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, United States). A member of the collective since 2010, Dr Hung began her work with the journal as an assistant editor, bringing increased emphasis within her areas of expertise—including critical philology, global spectacle, critical humanism and intellectual history. Of her work, Dr Hung writes, “One focus of my work . . . is understanding the critic’s obligation to reveal what used to be called “the human condition”—a conscious task inquiring into how we make ourselves differently human at various times and places. I am interested in the relation between criticism and the making of the human, in the way critical imagination serves as one condition of the historical process of self-learning that makes the human.”

(July 2014)

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