“Macau Impressions” by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming

[Also see “Macau Revisited”.]

Last month, I was invited to give a talk (“Betrayal, Mistrust and Contempt: Relationships Between Language and Identity”) and run a poetry workshop at The Script Road: Macau Literary Festival. The following are pictures taken before and during that short trip.

Bamboo scaffolding
Gods on an office desk
Reflection of a moving car in an old TV
Macau, 8:35pm, Hora do jantar
The motionless fan outside Riquexo
A glimpse of Sun Yat Sen
Thou shalt stop
‘Before loneliness will break my heart, / Send me a postcard darling. / How can I make you understand?’
Quest, simply


hlmTammy Ho Lai-Ming is Assistant Professor at the Department of English Language and Literature. She is the administrator of Agora. [Click here to read all entries by or about Tammy.]

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